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The summit is designed to foster a dynamic environment for learning and discussing the convergence of various industries, technology, and research. Our goal is to enhance our role in the global economy and the innovation sector by uniting experts, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers.


The summit features a lineup of renowned speakers from various fields, including space, technology, health, and education. These speakers share their insights, research findings, and experiences, providing valuable learning opportunities for attendees.


Participate in numerous networking opportunities that will make possible the exchange of ideas, experiences, and skills through collaborative learning.


The summit offers a platform for discussing both global trends in science and technology and their local implications and applications. This dual focus ensures relevance and impact for attendees from various regions and industries.

Past Events

The Forward Summit stands as the premier showcase of science in the Caribbean.

Since 2016, this yearly event facilitates participants to engage with professionals and experts in sectors like Agriculture, Biotechnology, Renewable Energy, Engineering, Cybersecurity, Medicine, Public Health among many others. Through events like this, the Research Grants Program, supported by the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust can pave the way for impactful discoveries and support the growth of science and technology in Puerto Rico and beyond. 

Relive the past editions of the Forward Summit!
See some key moments that left an impact on our scientific and research community.

Andreica Maldonado: Welcome & Forward Summit Introduction

Forward Research & Innovation Summit: Science & Space Edition 2023
Speaker: Andreica Maldonado, Research Grants Program Director

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About us

The Puerto Rico, Science Technology and Research Trust is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to invest, facilitate, and build capacity to continually advance Puerto Rico’s economy and its citizens’ wellbeing through innovation-driven enterprises, science, technology, and public health. The Forward Summit is also powered by the Research Grants program, dedicated to providing critical source of competitive financial support for fundamental research and commercialization activities. For more information, contact grants@prsciencetrust.org.

Andreica Maldonado
Program Director

Grace M. Rendón
Program Specialist